About Us

The Nelson Trolley Club Inc was incorporated in 2011 by a group of trolley designers and enthusiates keen to see the continution of the annual Collingwood Street derby and to promote the building and racing of trolleys in Nelson. 

 The purposes of the Club are to:-

  1. Promote the sport of trolley racing.
  2. Promote an activity that involves the whole family.
  3. Run and promote trolley racing events, both competitive and non-competitive.
  4. To encourage children to design and construct their own trolleys.

 The Club has two levels of membership:-

  • Family Membership - includes at least one parent or guardian and any child under the age of 15 years.
  • Individual Membership - applies to any person who is not part of a family membership and is 15 years and over.

The annual Family Membership fee is $20 for each adult plus $5 per child but is capped at $30 per family.  A family membership can include more than one adult and more than one child and the maximum amount that is due is $30.

The annual individiual adult membrship fee is $20.

CLICK HERE  to view a copy of the Club Rules.

If you would like to join the Club please contact the Secretary at secretary@nelsontrolleyclub.co.nz