Race Schedule:

The organisers will use their best endeavours to ensure that each grade has three heats.  However if the organisers find that they are running behind schedule then they will make the decision to reduce the number of heats starting with the Rockets grade and working back through the age groups. 



Drivers Meeting 


Practice Runs 


Heat 1 - Zoomers, Sprinters


Heat 2 - Zoomers, Sprinters


Heat 3 -Zoomers, SprinterS

12 noon 

Heat 1 - Corporates, Rockets 


Heat 2 - Corporates, Rockets

12.40 pm Heat 3 - Corpoates, Rockets 


Lunch Nippers and Have-a-Go 


Classic Class, Resene Colour Classic


Semis- Zoomers, Sprinters,  Corporate Challenge, Rockets




Finals - Zoomers, Sprinters, Corporate Challenge, Rockets 

Monarch of The Hill

Prize Giving






Trolley Unloading:

Brougham Street is a no parking area from 7am to 7pm on race day.  This means that cars cannot be parked along Brougham Street and it must be kept clear at all times.

We need to keep this area clear for the shuttle trucks and to make it easier for residents to have access to their properties.



Please report to the registration desk at the Start Line when you arrive in the morning so that you can:-

  • pay your entry fee (if you have not all ready done so),
  • Sign the insurance waiver (bring a parent with you if you are under 18 years of age)
  • collect your racing number
  • arrange for trolley and driver scrutineering to be done.



Trolleys and drivers will each be scrutineered to ensure that safety requirements are meet.  Make sure that you read the Race Day Rules when you register.  Each Grade will receive a different coloured sticker to help the volunteers recognise your race category.


Drivers Briefing:

Starts at 9.40am at the start line.   All drivers must attend.


Finish Line:

Please do not leave your trolley unattended at the Finish line because you will need to hooked onto the quads in order to get towed back to the Start line.  We need to keep the relocation of the trolleys between Heats smooth so that you all get 3 heats during the morning race session.  



Each heat has a maximum of six trolleys other than the Monarch of the Hill heats which will be heats of two trolleys at a time and a 10m push start is allowed with this race.

A maximum of 24 trolleys per grade as been set to keep the numbers manageable.

During the heats the trolleys race against the clock with the fastest 12 trolleys progressing to the semi finals in the afternoon.

The numbers of those trolleys that have made it to the semi finals will be posted on the whiteboard at the start line during the lunch break.  So keep an eye on this board to see if you are in the semi finals.

In 2014 we are going to trial the separating of trolleys into A and B grades for each race category.  This will be done after your practice run when you will each be given a sticker with either an A or B on it.  For the remaining Heats you will race in the A or B category to match the sticker that you have been given.  We hope that this grading will mean that you will have closer racing during the day.


Semi Finals:  The first three trolleys from each semi final progress to the finals.

Finals:  Prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

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