We will have Syncronised Push starts by a local sports club... they will push you all at the same speed for 10 m's to start each race.

Drivers must have forward facing vision at all times during the race.

Drivers must stay within their starting lanes for the duration of the lane length.




Width: No more than 1.2m               Length: No more than 3m maximum



Each trolley must have a minimum of three wheels.



Each trolley must have a braking system that:-

  • acts on at least two wheels or capable of holding the trolley on a 20 degree slope.
  • can be applied in a controlled and progressive manner.
  • provide stable and efficient braking without adverse effect on the directional control of the trolley.



All trolleys are required to have a steering system capable of manouvering at a speed.  That is, you are able to avoid a trolley in front of you if it crashes.

Because trolleys with old-fashioned rope steering have proben to be dangerous, rope steering is NOT permitted.


Roll Bars:

The Club recommends that designers and builders try to incorporate a roll bar for the trolley to protect the drivers head.



Trolleys must not weigh more than 40kg.  However trolleys that have registered in a derby prior to 2012 are exempt from this weight restriction.

Trolleys must be the same weight at the finish line as they were at the start line.




Children must have head protection which at a minimum must be a cycle helmet. 

Adults must have head protection which is to be either a motorbike or BMX helmet.



Drivers of open trolleys must have:-

  • elbow and knee pads
  • enclosed shoes
  • long sleeve shirts
  • trousers



Both trolleys and drivers must be scrutineered before racing commences and if they pass scrutineering they will receive two stickers, one to be placed on the trolley and one to be placed on the head gear worn by the driver during the racing.



There are hardly any rules for these youngsters as we just want them to have fun and get the racing bug.  After all, these are the trolley enthusiasts of the future.

In the spirit of the event, it is the parents/guardians of the Nippers who decide how many racers for this grade.  Usually it's the parents who want to stop before the kids!

A parents meeting will be held at 1pm at the corner of Collingwood Street and Bronte Street beside the sound tent.  Bring along your drivers and trolleys ready to start the racing from the Bronte Street intersection to the Finish Line.  Some Nippers are too yound to race all the way from Bronte Stree, so if you want your kids to start from just a few meters above the Finish Line then that is fine.

To operate the brakes you can run behind the trolley holding onto a rope and/or bungee to act as an "anchor".  Make sure you have someone to relieve you as history has taught us that the parents get tired before the kids.

All participants receive a certificate and badge in recognition of their participation.  It's all about participating so there are no awards for 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

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