Introducing the NEW Formula NZ Trolley for Nippers and Zoomers for the Robertson's Trolley Derby

A safe and easy to build, cheap, entry level trolley for kids from 2 to 10 years of age. 

This is a "ONE design" trolley built almost entirely from a single sheet of 12 mm construction plywood.

This will be a great project for you and your kid and will get them interested in the Derby and some basic construction techniques.

They will also get a chance to race in a One-Off Class against each other each year at the Derby.

Prototype.jpg RearView2.jpg
Prototype Rear view showing "parental hand hold" ( a very handy feature!)
TestRun3.jpg SideView4.jpg

The Robertson's boys have tested it out and it PASSED !!

Side view show wheels - caster wheels from a wheel chair - or you can use buggy wheels but nothing over 300mm in diameter

The components ready to assemble


We will publish the building details in the next 3 weekly installments


Build Session One


Build Session Two


Build Session Three


For a PDF copy of ALL the Build sessions CLICK HERE

Happy building

Tim Bayley    -