Build Session One

What you need ....

  • 1 sheet 12 mm CD Ply ( from Bunnings , Placemakers or M10  (about $75)
  • Some 4x2 pine or an old hardwood pallet from you local trucking company
  • 4 wheelchair dolly wheels or similar 150 to 300 mm max ( the 300 mm max wheel diameter is a class rule )
  • a few screws, nuts and bolts a bit of old tire and some rubber and cord (more on that in Build 2 and 3)

The components as they cut from a single sheet of 12 mm Ply


STEP 1: get your plywood and place GOOD SIDE UP on some trestles or boxes so it is stable, level and at a good height to work on and layout the plywood parts as below

The 2 Sides are laid out so the bottoms are formed by the edge of the ply sheet.

The Top is laid out on a centre line drawn 205 mm from the bottom edge of the sheet.

The Base and Tiller are laid out on a centre line that is drawn 595 mm from the bottom edge of the sheet.

The Back Rest lays out with it's top edge formed by the top edge of the sheet.

The rest of the pieces layout in the spaces left as shown above and to the dimension in the two Cut sheet as per the PDF drawings below.

So now you can go ahead and mark out and check twice and then cut out all your plywood components.

You will notice little wedge shaped pieces of ply on the base and top .... these you need to cut very carefully at 45o .... later you will make and cut slots in the sides for these to fit into like a jigsaw puzzle - these are important as they will really hold your trolley together well - so take your time to get these right.

More next week when we cut up the 4x2 and put the basic trolley together
( Note : we also have some templates of the cutouts if you want to borrow .... email us and can give you any advice you need).

To view and print a full copy of the design drawings CLICK HERE

Happy building

Tim Bayley