2011 Robertson's Trolley Derby Results


trolley derby-145

BlueBerryIT Backyard Brilliance Award:

To qualify for this award, the trolley must be built for less than $200 and the winner in 2011 was No. 81 - The Firebird raced by Nico Hindmarsh and Dan Merry.

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Designart Style-Mesiter Design Award:

This award is given to the most creative and stylish trolley on the day and in 2011 Matty Cook won with his trolley Half Evil - No. 333


Spirit of the Derby:

George and Oscar Perks received this award becuase of their commitment and spirit in helping other other entrants on the day and their joint effors in racing and building their trolley - No. 8 Go Force.


Redbox Architects Kids Design Challenge:

Nippers - George Thompson

Zoomers - Olivia Smith

Sprinters - Oscar Perks


SBS Bank Zoomers:
1st 95 34.218s Morgan Dacombe Lightning Racer II
2nd 74 34.984s Ronan Stilwell Speed Demon
3rd 51 35.984s Jason Nicholas Mercedes W196
4th 80 37.062s Charlie & Harry Perkins McDonalds
5th 61 37.859s Samantha, Baydon, Rylee & Cameron Mean Machine
6th 3 38.187s Rebecca Fleet 156 Ferrari


McDonalds Sprinters:
1st 35 32.421s Jared Dacombe Spirit of Burt Munro
2nd 33 32.562s Matty Cook SHalf Evil 333
3rd 4 34.328s Liam King-Turner Redrak Racer II
4th 55 34.500s Ishmael Burrough Runner
5th 49 35.203s Keith Ingham Mactym
6th 37 36.968s Blair Clough Southern Express


Baywick's Rockets:
1st 17 31.250s Rowan Mallory Turner Safari Spitfire Mk II
2nd 9 31.531s Ernie Little Redrak Racer III
3rd 5 31.875s John Bennett Hurtle the Turtle
4th 77 32.656s Rory East Team Nelson Cadet Unit: Stanton Red Lightning
5th 69 34.171s Peter Jones Igor
6th 72 35.734s Zak White Phat 2


Deep Blue Shoestring Challenge:
1st 93 34.238s Nelson Intermediate School Team N.I.S.2
2nd 36 34.781s Shevy Oakly MCR
3rd 40 35.234s Oliver Perks OJ Special
4th 56 36.140s Luke & Nathan Sharp All Muscle
5th 81 37.968 Nico Hindmarsh & Dan Merry The Firebird


Resene Monarch of the Hill:

Winner: Tim Bayley in Redrak Racer III with a speed of 66km/h

(For reasons of safety, racing was suspended after the sixth heat with a light drizzle resulted in four trolleys crashing.)


2011 PHOTOS:  by Virginia Woolf  provided by members of the Public