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´╗┐JANUARY 2013 

The World's Fastest 18 volt Power Drill Trolley  challenge is OFF  - due to catastrophic drill failure!! We have had put this on hold for now and go back to the drawing board !!  But do go and support the new Nelson Falcon soccer team at Trafalgar Park 1.30 today if you can ......( Sunday 13th ).                                                                        

The Robertson's Trolley Derby  - is on Saturday 16th March 2013

Registration for the Derby, - is NOW OPEN  - get online and be the first on your block to get your new trolley all signed up for this year's derby  /registration.aspx

New Rules for 2013

We have made a change to the age brackets for this year's derby - we have extended the Sprinters age to 17.  Check out the update on the website at /collingwood-street-derby/race-categories.aspx

We are also looking at pulling the trolleys back up the hill with modified quad bikes towing 9 trolleys at a time.  So you MUST ensure that your trolley has a closed eye hook on the front and rear of your trolley which is able to take the load of you and your trolley and two trolleys behind you.

For 2013 we also have two new events for the young ones:-