2011 Club News Articles

23 December 2011

Hi Trolley People,   Tim here again from the Nelson Trolley Club .... hope you have all survived the past few weeks and are looking forward to the a fine, warm holiday season?

All is progressing well with the preparations for the Derby next year March 17th.

Registration for the Derby is now open on the website at www.nelsontrolleyclub.co.nz/registration.aspx

Make sure you fill out all the required fields and also your "Bio Info" so we have something for Kent to broadcast at the start line and  upload a latest picture of  your trolley .You will get an instant reply with an access code and password so you can update your info and entry page.  ( many thanks to Turhan  and Rebecca at Deep Blue Solutions).

We had a great Sunday Funday Run  down the old Whangamoa road back in November  It was a lot of fun and although the attrition rate was a bit high due to flat tyres we all had a great day out  .... see our Facebook page for some pics and info .... we hope to be able to do this again in the future ( will do a better sweep of the road next time ) many thanks to all those that helped make the day a great success

We will be having another T Day - Trolley Recycle Day for you to bring in your old unwanted trolleys or to pickup some parts from someones discards .... so mark Jan 21st on your calendar 1-3pm at 6 Washington Rd.

Word is that "Kiwi Flier" - The Movie is taking great shape and is now all together and Don McGlashan is doing the music. The movie will be out in April and the premiere will be here in Nelson!
Have a great Christmas and happy New Year and we will see you all on the "flip side" for a much better year in 2012  and a great Robertson's trolley Derby on March 17th.

So after that Xmas pudding has settled a bit - back out to the garage and get those new designs into shape ready to race in 2012
all the best yours Tim

Tim Bayley
Presdient Nelson Trolley  Club



31 October 2011

Hi Trolley People,

Tim here from the Nelson Trolley Club .... hope you all have had a great winter and after your fill of rugby are now ready for a good trolleying .....?  Just under 18 weeks to go to the Big Day on Sat March 17th!

Yes that is St Paddy's so we are expecting lots of wee green trolleys driven by leprechauns!

Plans for the event are going well and we will have a new website up this week and registration will open in December.

Tim Bayley


Whangamoa Fun Day Photos CLICK HERE