Power Drill Challenge

AND the Winner was........

When he came down to the fastest trolley the winner was Jarod Dacombe in Lighting Racer reaching a speed of 37kmh. 

The endurance winner was Morgan Dacombe in Redrak Racer III who traveled a distrance of 2.2km before his battery went flat.

Thanks to Powertech for providing the solar battery recharging facility and Move Nelson for providing the additional forward momentum with their segways when the battery and the trolley was on the furtherest side of the track.  Ezee Electric Bike Hubs were also on site during the morning with electric bikes to take for a spin around the track. 

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Gordon Dacombe and Tim Bayley have been working on  a winter project for our members.  To this end what they are proposing is that people "electrify" their trolleys with a rechargeable power drill and run a competition to see who can go the furthest around the velodrome track at Trafalgar Park between 10am and 2pm on the 7th October 2012.

Tim and Gordon thought this would be a good project for a number of reasons:-

1. Find another use for your trolleys in the winter;
2. Give you a project for the winter to keep interested in the derby;
3. It would make you think outside the square a bit;
4. Make people think about electric Eco-friendly transport.

The Velodrome track at Trafalgar Park is a perfect venue for the challenge and Nelson City Council is keen for us to do it.

So we have the Trolley Power Drill Challenge.

3.5 laps at 520m's per lap, that is almost 2 km ... so not to bad (see pictures below).  It is not a fast thing... running around at 15 to 18 kph so not at all dangerous but it is fun and the challenge is to make the best conversion you can so that there is the least waste of energy transfer to your wheels.

We are trying to get a sponsor for a standard 18 volt lithium drill (and Tim will know next week) otherwise it would be whatever Dad has in the garage!!

Any kind of drive is allowed - friction to the tyre, chain, belt, fluid or whatever you can come up with.

Gordon has suggested that the challenge has a LeMans style start with people all lined up on the banking spaced out about every 5m's or so .... facing down the slope - 6 at a time.  It is very hard on the drill to go from a standing start.

Then you do laps until you run out of juice or we could have 2 drivers and swap  each lap or when your battery dies .... and see how far you get on 2 batteries.

The winner will be the trolley that travelled the furthest distance before the battery goes flat.

There are lots of possible combinations of races.

Tim and Gordon are trying for solar powered rechargers on site (most Lithiums are 45 min to 1 hour recharge) so we could have different race rules after lunch and it could be a 3 or 4 hour event with lots of fun and innovation for all.

We would like to have all the drills the same because then it comes down to peoples ingenuity to make the best units that will run the best distance .... on 1 or 2 batteries etc.

We thought this would be a fun project and give you trolley nutters something to do with your trolleys in the cold months and we could have a nice day out at the park and give Nelson a bit more Eco exposure as well?

Looking to the future and if works and we can put out the challenge to other towns  and invite them here for a runoff.

Tim can't claim the idea, as it came from Germany originally.  Check it out at this link http://m.gizmag.com/article/22186/?utm_source=Gizmag+Subscribers&utm_campaign=d4916ec871-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=emai

Please give us your feedback and if you are interested in participating email Tim Bayley (president@nelsontrolleyclub.co.nz)






 Here is my trolley conversion in a most basic fashion using a 18volt Ryobi drill and a "hole saw" as the drive but people could drive it any way they like... chain, belt or anyway you can dream up.



very basic ....a 2 hour conversion - the drill just pivots into the wheel at the same time as the trigger is pulled by the string connected to plywood pedal at the front



Here is Jared heading off around Trafalgar Park last week !